2018 — A Year In Review


loooove to see how much you’ve grown in just one year, toni!! if toni does a year in review, i need to do one too ??


hahah YASSS!! such a cute freakin idea!! I love that now I can look back on it next year :)) you should do one!! xo

Stephanie Reed

you’re soo cute! it’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown in a year. gives me so much inspiration to review my first year and do the same!


oh my goodness YESSS you’re already muchhhh better than I was at that point lol!! Can’t wait to see how much you grow this year too!! :)):):))) (also check your DMs)!! ;))

What a perfect way to celebrate your year in review! Amazing to see your growth girlfriend. Keep up the amazing work <3


ugh you’re the literal SWEETEST!! thank you!! xo

Madison Thomson

So many good ones! I love your adventurous couples! That Be Amazing one has stuck in my head since you posted in on instagram!


Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!! I saw another photographer shoot there one time and Google searched until I found where it was!! I was like I HAVE to shoot there lol!! xo

You were definitely a girl on fire in 2018 (#goals) ! What a year you’ve had and so inspiring to read your year in review 🙂 you show that one day I can achieve all of my dreams too!


oh my gosh — you sweet baby angel!! YESSSS!! you most definitely can reach all of your goals/dreams too! I believe in you :)) xo