Joshua Tree Desert Boho Elopement Part II // Shelby + Ikaika

August 3, 2018

These desert boho bridal babes danced from sun up, to sun down — through the glittering morning and moonlit blue hour love. We had sooo much fun cracking jokes about his missing tooth, borderline getting kicked off of the property, and picking pokey stickers out of our butts from the cacti all night long!

It’s amaaaazing the things that can happen when a great and creative team are brought togethaaa!! From the stunnning dress designer, to the invitations, jewelry, makeup artist, florist, etc. — I think we allll left this elopement feeling refreshed and inspired for the future (and hot from the unforgiving sun!!).

Photog: Toni G. Photo
Event Planner: Erika Amalia Events
Dress: Daughters of Simone 
Florist: Picked Floristry
Rentals: Stockroom Picks 
Invitations: Trademark Inspired 
Jewelry: Make Pie
Rings: Moon Magic Jewelry

Side Note….

I’ve noticed a lot of brides have dreams of their wedding day that somehow get lost between trying to please their guests and making it fun for everybody else… but just imagine for a moment: forgetting allll of the drama, driving off to the desert with your babe (or flying to the Bahamas or Italy or wherever!!)… wearing a stunning bridal dress… buying the basic vendor needs (flowers, announcements, etc.)… getting a fun, friendly photographer (aka: ME lol)… and exchanging vows with a view that takes your breath away and gives you chills every time you look back on the photos!!!!

Imagine how much more meaningful (and less expensive) your wedding day could be if you eloped!! That’s more money to put down on a house, spend on the honeymoon, & save for your marriage… the things that will matter at the end of the big day. Just food for thought… ;))) But whether you decide to elope or have a traditional wedding so grandma can make it… just remember what’s most important is celebrating YOUR love (not whether or not your bridesmaid, Becky, likes the color of her dress)!! lol




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