Whether you’re just trying to learn photography as a side hustle hobby or if you’re really serious about turning it into a full time career (aka: best job in the WORLD)… receiving a one-on-one mentorship from a photog whose work you really admire/trust will help you grow further & faster than you could on your own. The ability to ask specific questions and receive answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask yet… will save you countless hours of researching Google or watching YouTube videos (trust me lol)!! 

I’m Toni G and i’ve been a full time wedding photographer since the summer of 2018! From the very beginning, i’ve been superrrr passionate about helping others grow their own creative photog talents :))) As soon as I decided to become a photog I knew that I didn’t want to do it alone…. So I created the Fresno Photogs (a community group that before covid, used to meet once a month to go over specific industry related topics/ connect with each other) + I honestly already feel like a mentor figure to soo so many of you guys who come to my meetings + ask me questions through DMs! 

It’s been important to me that I always strive to be someone who is here to help & support upcoming photogs :))) BUT in order for me to give the besttttt possible info & undivided attention to you guys…. I’m now finally offering VIRTUAL MENTORSHIPS!! :))) Def just little more personal & intentional & a customized experience for each individual photog!! :)))

hii hii sweet angel!

  • Start up gear + software + shooting basics
  • Making your biz legit (licensing, insurance, taxes) 
  • Workflow (from the initial inquiry to gallery delivery)
  • Client communication + organization (Honeybook)
  • Pricing, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, email templates
  • Instagram + Pinterest + website blogging 

Discussion topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Photo backup system 
  • Lightroom editing tips/tricks 
  • Styled shoot creation + implementation 
  • Finding your unique style + marketing yourself
  • Getting involved in the photog community!

  • Four total skype calls (once per week for 1 month) (first call is 2hrs + the last 3 are 1hr) 
  • Recordings of calls downloaded to GoogleDrive 
  • Complete mentorship booklet (40+ pages filled with allll the good good info)! 
  • Mentorship booklet includes: my actual template for invoices, emails, questionnaire, etc.
  • GoogleSheet social media tracker template 
  • Website + social media audit!
  • Help creating a styled shoot geared towards where you're wanting your style to go (my fav)!!
  • Open Q&A & lifelong friendship!!! ;))))

the bff plan:

  • 1 skype call (2 hrs)
  • Recording of call downloaded to Google Drive 
  • "Getting Started" pdf (10+ pages)
  • Website + social media audit
  • Open Q&A

the rEfresh:

let's get this party started!

Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with me!

We'll find a date that works for both of us to start your call(s)!

A signed contract & full payment is due to fully reserve your sesh & I'll send you your mentorship pdf & resources!

We'll do our skype call(s) & go over alllll of your questions & give you tangible steps to move your biz forward!! :)))

After it's all over, you're always welcomed to DM me with other little questions you may have!!






more about the Fresno Photogs...

Unfortunately, after covid, we allll kinda got out of the habit of meeting once per month & we're no longer meeting up on a regular schedule!! :((( I feel like soo many of the photogs who used to come are all now soo so busy with their own businesses so it's allll for the best!! :))) 
But we do still have meet ups occasionally!! Which are always announced over on our insta!! 

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Even though we're not currently meeting up, we do still stay active in our Facebook group!! This is where you can get connected to local photog friends, post when you need a second shooter (or find second shooter jobs to pick up!!), & post or read the discussions with lots of questions answered!!

get connected!

"I am beyond grateful for the fresno photogs group because it has allowed me to connect with other photographers in my area! If it weren’t for this group, I think that I would have definitely struggled a lot more when I was first starting my photography business. It taught me what community over competition truly means and I love the support that we have in this community! I am forever grateful for the fresno photogs and the opportunity to meet together monthly to learn from each other!!"


"I was new to the Central Valley and stumbled across the Fresno Photogs group, I saw they were having a meeting the following week so I made the 40min drive and found myself surrounded by like minded photo babes! The support and friendships have been such a blessings and the photo opportunities are always a blast!"


"I love being part of a photography community that is so willing to help Each other out and answer each other’s questions! I always wanted to get into photography but didn’t know where to start. This community has helped me get out there and helped me in so many other ways to promote my business that I had no clue about! I love the positive energy and feedback. And I love watching others grow!"