Let's Grow Together

Hiii friend!!

Whether you’re just trying to learn photography as a side hustle hobby or if you’re really serious about turning it into a full time career (aka: best job in the WORLD)… receiving a one-on-one mentorship from an artist whose work you really admire/trust will help you grow further & faster than you could on your own. The ability to ask specific questions and receive answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask yet… will save you countless hours of researching Google or watching YouTube videos (trust me lol)!!

I’m Toni G and from the very beginning, i’ve been superrrr passionate about helping others grow their own creative photog talents :))) As soon as I decided to become a photog I knew that I didn’t want to do it alone…. So I created the Fresno Photogs (a community group that meets once a month to go over industry specific related topics/ connect with each other) + I honestly already feel like a mentor figure to soo so many of you guys who come to my meetings + ask me questions through DMs!

It’s been important to me that i always strive to be someone who is here to help & support upcoming photogs :)))
BUT in order for me to give the besttttt possible info & undivided attention to you guys…. I’m now offering something a little more personal, intentional, & a customized experience for each individual photog… soooo…
**drumroll please**

I’m soo so excited to announce that i’m now offering one-on-one mentorships!! :)))


Here are the deets!!

Coffee Date (1 hr) @ $350

This is a casual conversation where we’ll chat through the following points over some yummm coffee!! I have the usual outline points that I can go over with photogs who are just starting out… but I would totally rather create this experience to be custom tailored to what YOUR exact business/personality needs are… so feel free to bring any/allll questions to the table for open Q&A so you get the most out of it!!

+ Start up gear + shooting basics
+ Workflow (from the initial inquiry to gallery delivery)
+ Pricing, contracts, invoices, questionnaires, email templates
+ Instagram + Pinterest + website blogging + SEO
+ Getting involved in the community + styled shoots
+ Finding your unique style + marketing yourself! :))


Q: Will you show me exactly how you edit?
A: hmmm… this is a tough one for me 🙁 because I want to focus on you finding YOUR own unique style (rather than copying mine). So unfortunately, i won’t be sharing exactly how i edit or giving you my preset… but i WILL show you which tools i use in LR so you can figure out your own style :))


Q: Will you still answer my questions even after the mentorship is over?
A: YASSS bb! I’m here for you! I promise I won’t ghost you after your mentorship hahah!! You can always feel free to DM me if you have a random question (but if you have like 10 more questions… then let’s just do another mentor sesh, yeah? lol)!


Q: Will you travel to my location for the mentorship?
A: I honestly have a pretty packed schedule, so i’d ratherrrr you come to me to shoot around Yosemite National Park (which is beautiful for photos btw!!), BUT i’m definitely open to starting the convo of travel for ya!! :))


Q: What’s the difference between a mentorship & a workshop?
A: Workshops are the freakkkin best thing ever honestly! They’re soo so great for connecting with other photog-friends around the world, traveling, + getting epic shots that you can’t get at home… but mentorships are better for the personalized education. At workshops, things move too fast to really soak in all the info… and mentorships are better for learning the nitty gritty!!


Q: Am I going to buy this mentorship & then realize you’re not who you portray yourself to be online when i meet you in person?
A: IT IS SO SO FREAKKKIN IMPORTANT TO ME that you feel like I’m your friiiiend (& I’m honestly not just saying that)! I care about you + your success, truly. Lots of people have expressed that they’re scared or intimidated to reach out… but I PROMISE you whether you’re coming to our Fresno Photog meetings, seeing me online, or getting a mentorship… you’re getting the same supportive Toni :))) 

Q: How does the payment situation work??
After you fill out the contact form, I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, we’ll figure out a date that works best for both of us, I’ll answer any other questions you may have, then I’ll send you a contract & collect the full payment to fully reserve your date :))