Pinterest Guide for Photographers

Ang Reed

This is so awesome 👏 thank you. I’m trying to set up my website right now, it’s a bit tricky for me


Yayyy!! I’m so glad you found it helpful :)) good luck with setting up your website that’s so much fun!!xo

Debi Basualdo

Loved these tips!


yayyy!! I’m soo so glad :)) hope they help! xo

OH MY GOSH! You can connect your Instagram to your Pinterest? What in the literal heck? Where have you been all my business life?! This is amazing. Thank you so much for the amazing tips!


YASSS GIRLLLL!! And it’s so easy!! do it do it :)) xo

I am doing it right now lol. Seriously though this is magic!

Seriously this has helped me SOOOO much! The only question I have is about Rich Pins. Are they meant to be used to link back only to your own website? I wasnt sure. Thanks!!

Madison Thomson

Dude! Connecting insta to pinterest!!!!! Mind blown! Running to do that now!

TONIIIIIIIIII YOU ARE AMAZING , what the heckkkkk. Can’t believe there are people like you who exist that are so helpful and sweet and just amazing! 🙂 Thank you sooo muchhhhh. ily xoxo


omgggg you’re the freakin cutestttt lol!! I’m sooo so glad it helped!! xo :)))



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