Badass Biker Elopement in Shaver Lake // Samantha + Justin

August 2, 2018

Badass Biker Elopement in Shaver Lake

This Badass Biker Elopement was one of the very first shoots that I set up when I was still trying to learn how to use my camera!! :)))

I remember I DM’d Samantha one night after finding her through a #fresnotattoos hashtag lol!! I told her I thought she was super pretty, asked if she’d be down to play dress up with her husbabe so I could practice shooting, & SHE SAID YES!!! :))))

I was seriously SO grateful & excited to get some practice with the hottest, most badass models evaaaa!!!!

My boyfff & I took them to the Roadhouse Bar in Auberry where we started off the shoot with some dope detail + motorcycle shots! Then, we set off the black smoke bombs (which was SUCH a vibe!!) + they even let me throw confetti in their faces hahah!! Anything for the shot, am I right? LOL

We ended this Badass Biker Elopement session the RIGHT way…. with numerous jager bombs, pickle back shots, & a good ‘ol fashion game of pool (which me and my boyf lost… because helllllllooooo Sam and Justin are perfect!)))!!

This whole shoot & day was seriously soo so much fun! :))))

THANK YOU Sam + Justin for being so fun & letting me practice my camera on you guys :))))

Obsessed them and alllll couples that are down to just have a good time, meet up at a bar, be themselves, and let me capture their love exactly as it is (badass + beautiful)!! xoxox

Photog: @tonigphoto
Calligraphy: @cbescribe
Dress: @lulus
Jewelry: @makepie
Florals: @floraflowercart
Couple: @sam.makeupxlashes 
Song: “Be Faithful” -Fatman Scoop
Venue: Roadhouse Bar — Clovis, CA



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