California Flower Field Senior Photos

March 21, 2019

California Flower Field Senior Photos :)))

Okay so I neverrrr normally shoot or post about senior photos (I only accept inquires for fam/friends or previous brides/families… but Caitin’s California wildflower photos were too cute not to share soooo here ya go lol!!

This shoot was especially fun because @yslnc came along to style the outfits & make sure everything perfectly matched/complimented the location (which she did a KILLER job at it too, am I right)?!! Yoseline just moved to the Fresno area & she’s gonna start offering her styling services for photoshoots so JUMP ON THAT!!

Now let’s talk about OUTFITS…

It’s honestly SO freakin hard to pick out outfits for photoshoots that are trendy and look good on your particular body and also compliment the location well… when clients ask me for advice I’m like “idk… wear whatever makes you feel beautiful” lol!! ;)) But Yoseline pours her heart & soul into creating a Pinterest board for you, figuring out exactly what you want, THEN going & getting those clothes for you… so you literally just have to show up to the shoot without worrying about shopping for or choosing the outfits!! SO EASY & HELPFUL!!

Another fun aspect of this shoot was the fact that it was ALL in probably the briiiightest & harshest California sun I’ve ever had to shoot in thus far lol!! I feel like once you really play with harsh light & practice with it though.. it’s not so scary!! The end result definitely looks different than normal work… but it’s still super cute & fun!!

**My biggest tip for photogs who still struggle with shooting in harsh light would be to just expose for the brightest parts of their skin! You can always fix the background light in post production but doing excessive editing on the skin is a little more challenging! So make sure the skin looks good and you can fix everything else later in LR! :))

Anyhoooo… this California Flower Field Senior shoot was the cutestttt!! And if you’re looking to get some senior photos done… Caitlin is actually an amazing senior photog herself!! So hit her up with all senior inquires!! :)) xoxox

Photog: @tonigphoto
Styling: @yslnc
Hair/Makeup: @giannafryy
Earrings: @brookecreativeco
Senior: @caitlinisamerica 


**please contact @caitlinisamerica if you’re interested in getting senior photos done by her!! xoxox

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