Woodward Park Fresno Engagement Photos // Jordan + Kayla

July 9, 2020

Woodward Park Engagement Photos Session with the cutest couple // Jordan + Kayla! :)))

Like many of the engaged couples right now in 2020, Jordan + Kayla’s wedding plans were caught up in the middle of all of the corona craziness!! But that won’t stop them from having a cute Woodward Park Engagement Photos Session + their dream, intimate, beach ceremony this fall :))) 

Thankfully, they’re both sooo go with the flow! Which worked out well when we realized that their engagement session date was going to be over 100 degrees in Fresno lol!! You would neverrrr be able to tell how freakkkinnn hot we all were by looking through these creamy, dreamy, golden photos ;)))) lol!! 

The light, sunsets, + golden grass on the trail at Woodward Park in Fresno are sooo perfect/ romantic for engagement photos (or any types of photos, really)! Definitely one of my fav go-to’s  (even when it’s 100 degree weather… we can take air conditioner breaks in the car lol!!) :))))

And they brought their sweet little English Cream Golden Retriever, Gracie, who straight STOLE the show… and then got to hang out with grandma in the air conditioned car until mom & dad were done cuddlin, dancin, + kissin lol! 

Jordan + Kayla were (yet again!!) another one of those couples who prefaced the shoot by saying “ugh good luck taking our photos… we’re soo awkward.. we don’t know what we’re doing..” LOL!! Like okkkkk pretty sure they were fibbing & they’re actually full time models ;)))) lol!! 

But for real though, my biggest intention through every shoot is to make you guys feel comfortable! I’ll set the mood by playing some music & direct each couple on what to do & where to put their hands so that the photos turn out the best :)))) Nooo worries of never having photos taken before over here!! I’ll take care of ya ;)))

Can’t wait for your wedding, Jordan + Kayla!! And even if corona is still wild & plans change, I’ll still be here for ya! :))) xoxoxxx

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  2. Frankie E Raney says:

    Your photos of Jenna and Mark., some should not be shown here. They are no good and make you lolok bad.. some are ok, and some are not. You should never post photos that are not good quality.

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