Marley + Me // Dog Mom Photoshoot

January 23, 2021


I had already fully decided that I couldn’t take anyyyy more inquiries for 2020 when Lauryn reached out to me with her story… Her precious 13 year old dog, Marley, (whom she’s had + loved forever!) has a recurring tumor + she wanted photos taken while they were still together…🥺

My fingers were physically incapable of typing anything back but “YES PLEASE, I’LL SQUEEZE YOU IN!!” + I’m soo so glad we were able to make it work because JUST LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS ANGEL BABY :’))))😍

The way Marley looks at Lauryn… and how cute she is with her human hat on… and resting on her momma’s leg… UGH I can’t deal! I’m soo so glad you guys were able to have 13 beautiful years together + I’ll be thinking of you both + sending lots of hugs + virtual pets during this difficult time!🖤🖤🖤 Xoxox

Dog Mom Photoshoot

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