"this must be the place"


The sacred spot where you get married (and/or take your engagement photos) will be special forever, no matter which location you choose. You could be traveling back there on anniversaries/birthdays to relive your youthful romance, so I wanna help make sure it’s someplace extra beautiful/enjoyable & that you don’t hold yourself back from dreaming big!

I also feel that when I travel with a couple some place far from home, removing us both out of our elements, and providing time and mental space from the daily stresses to just breathe & explore together…. The photos turn out deeper. Rich with exciting memories & candid connection. I want to provide you guys with more than just digital photos… I want to give you an experience you’ll remember forever. Feelings of wanderlust, adventure, & continuously discovering your love for each other through the calm and the storms awaiting.


Bucket List

First off, let’s start with the big dreams! The fairytale, out-of-this-world, instagram-worthy travel-bug dreams! These are the locations that I’m DYING to shoot at & will score ya a pretty sweet deal if you’re tryna book me for your trip (maybe a vacation you’ve already planned? Or a honeymoon shoot)!! Plus, these trips usually aren’t as expensive as you’d think!
I dare you to go ahead and just search plane tickets HERE… no harm in just looking!! ;))

Santorini, Greece
Banff, Canada
Cenote Sutun, Mexico
Iceland (again!!)
Fern Canyon, CA
Antelope Canyon, AZ
Zion National Park, UT
Salvation Mountain, NV
North Cascades National Park, WA

Now if you’re thinking “omg yeah those would be great, but I think I’d like something a little more local…” then check out these cute spots (my “go-to” locations + most of them don’t have travel fees)! California is cool, guys, you’d be surprised how much variety you can get without having to travel very far!

PLUS more than anything I freakin loveeee it when couples take me to the bar where they first met or the hike where he said “i love you” for the first time, etc.. I don’t want you to pick a spot just because you saw somebody else do it on instagram & it mighttttt be cool. I want you to pick a spot that speaks to you, something with meaning, & that you’re SO excited to explore… so we’re in the best possible place to create magic for ya!!

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