What to Expect at your Engagement Session

Step 2: Planning Your Shoot

So now that we’re bffs… it’s time to actually plan your shoot!! I want you to really think about how you want these photos to feel when you look at the finished product, and build the shoot around that feeling. Don’t just choose a location because that’s where everybody else is going… pick a place that actually means something special to your relationship. A place that you can come back to on an anniversary and remember how beautiful this season of your lives felt! (+ if you still need help deciding.. I can suggest a few epic places too)!

Once you’ve found the perfect spot… it’s time to pick your outfit! I generally prefer to shoot loose-fitting clothes that show movement, colors that are neutral/ found in nature (and compliment your location), and no patterns to distract from your cute whittle faces!! But above all else, I just want you to feel comfortable and beautiful. You can check out my pinterest outfit board for inspo (link to the right) + always feel free to send me outfit options if you still need help deciding!

Last part in preparing for your shoot… I want you to do a little research on which photos speak to you. Gather insta screenshots, pin images that you might want to recreate, and let me know which one of my shoots were your favorite -- you and your honey are the most important piece to the puzzle and will play an active role in creating the engagement photos of your dreams with me!

Step 3: Session Day!!

I’ll be sure to message you on the day of your session to make sure we’ll still good-to-go and answer any questions you might still have. We’ll walk to the spot together, i’ll turn on whatever music you prefer (unless you like something weird like screamo lol), and we’ll start with the prompts (you can check out a few of my personal favs HERE)!! — I’ll be feeding off of your energy… so if I can tell that you’re super bubbly/bouncy/adventurous i’ll have you do more jumps on the back or dancing/tickles/laughing… but if I get the vibe that you’re more chill and reserved… we’ll do more intimate, close, or sitting prompts (either way is totally okay with me!!) — & we could totally just mix it up with a bit of everything too!! 

As far as my personality goes… I tend to get reaaaally excited when I shoot (screaming “yaaasss queen!!” and “BE AGGRESSIVE!”)... sooooo full disclaimer -- if energetic/fun/supportive people freak you out… i can just refer you to a different photog lol! ;))


please shotgun a beer or take a shot of Jack Daniels before your session. it will 10000% be more fun that way I PROMISE!! 

Step 4: Delivering the Gallery

I’m usually soooo so excited about my shoots that I send “sneak peeks” within a couple days (…if you feed me after your shoot or buy me coffee.. you may or may not receive a sneak peek that same night lol!!). Then the full gallery will be sent via Pixieset within a couple weeks (usually sooner). I recommend that you download all photos asap (your contract will explain the archive process). I also superrrr encourage you to post your pretty photos on social media!! But please please tag me so your friends know who to call when they get engaged too!! ;))