Shaver Lake Waterfall Engagement Photos // Kaila + Derek

August 24, 2018


I’ve been wanting to shoot these Shaver Lake Waterfall Engagement Photos for soooo long now & was SO excited when Kaila said she would be down for some adventuring with her hubs!! :))) It’s just outside of Shaver Lake, CA and you literally just need to know where to pull off to the side of the road and start hiking/ climbing rocks until you find it (let’s book a shoot here & I’ll show you exactlyyy where it is!!) ;)) — suchhhh a cute, perfect getaway spot that honestly nobody knows about!!

The sun ended up being sooo so bright and harsh on their faces by the time we got up there… but thankfully the night before I had met up with @maksmaaksphoto and practiced how to shoot more comfortably in those conditions togethaaa (god bless)!! It definitely wasn’t the normal perfect-glowing-sunset-time that I’m used to shooting in.. but the challenge of figuring out how to make it work in the bright sunlight was actually supppaaa fun (& encouraging) and let’s be honest… this couple would look good in annnyyyy lighting situation!! Lol!

Kaila + Derek

alsoooo let me take videos through each pose that I used for my “Top 5 Actions to Pose Couples” article!! (they’re the truuuueee MVPs for being so corporative, fun, & cute)!! Lol I just loooove how sweet and literally picture perfect they are together  (including their sweet little boys), and can we pleaaaase take a moment of silence to appreciate that perfect rockkkk of a diamond on her finger?!? They both clearly have the bestttt taste lol!!

My favorite part of the day…

…was when Derek stayed behind to carve their names in the tree they were sitting on — so soooo romantic!! (also I’ve already gotten DMs telling me I shouldn’t promote killing trees… but the tree on the ground was obviously dead already, guys!! it’s okay lol!!)

Thank you guys for being the absolute cutestttt!!

Hope you take your kiddos back here soon for a swim party at the secret waterfalls!! :)))


Click below to view a similar session at this same Shaver Lake Waterfall :))))



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