Horseshoe Bend Engagement + Elopement // Lauren + Cori

August 31, 2018

Will I everrrr get over how EPIC this Horseshoe Bend engagement + elopement was or how perfect Lauren and Cori are for each other?? No… 100% definitely not!!!

For starters,

if you haven’t visited Horseshoe Bend before… stop what you’re doing and pencil it into your to-do list immediately!! The red sand, colored rocks, cotton candy blue sky, and overall vastness of the canyons will leave you feeling both insignificantly small and overwhelmingly inspired all at the same time!! I’ve never seen a landscape that looked sooo much like a different planet before and literally could not stop repeating “oh my god” to myself over and over — sooo so breath taking!!

Now imagine pairing that epic scenery with a couple that is sooo clearly head over heels for each other that they’re playing tonsil-hockey and cuddling even when the cameras aren’t rolling lol!! They came prepared with 2 suitcases FULLL of options so we could properly color-match the location (genius!!) and honestly have the cutest style I’ve ever seen… like her mustard one-piece and his tribal bandanas? Could you guys please just be my full-time stylists and I’ll be your full-time paparazzi?? Lol!!

Swigs of wine in their cantina,

scaling rocks with deadly heights, bumpin’ Post Malone, and chillin’ until the sun came down & getting spooked by the bats/lizards… this sesh goes down as one of my favorites thus far forsure!!

And special thanks to @kelliannnephoto

…for being the bestttt travel buddy/ photog friend I could ask for, having cute ambitions of sleeping in the car together, then mutually agreeing to be realistic and buy a hotel room (hahah!!), exposing me to McDonalds breakfast, breaking in my GoPro, being down to swerve off the side of the road to take cute pics with state signs, and force-feeding me candy while I drive… but especially thanks to Kelli for being there for me when I received horrible family news and cried my little eyes out all night long. So thankful for your friendship!


Check out Cori’s band the Hourglass Cats (listen on Spotify here)!! He’s the lead singer/guitarist and I’m deaddddd at how talented he is!! (Lauren also mentioned that she can play the piano?? Help me convince her that they need to start a youtube channel together, get famous, & go on world-tours k thanks!!!)




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