Autumn Shaver Lake Engagement Photos // Taylor + Nick

November 23, 2018

Autumn Shaver Lake Engagement Photos

These casual & classy little cuties were sooo sweet and chill with us showing up to the spot and the road to the views we were planning on using were closed ahhh!! It’s a good thing we had a Plan B up our sleeves to make sure they still got thier cute Autumn Shaver Lake Engagement Photos ;))))

Instead… we walked up the hill a little past the closed Shaver Lake road & took photos on the road (which turned out to be even more adorable than the originally planned spot lol)!! :)))) I seriously love that about Shaver Lake!! There’s soooo much variety (water views, woodsy views, beach views, meadow views, etc)… so that even if a road to one view is closed… there’s still PLENTY of other options super close by to make it work :)))

And alllll of these pretty fall colors were SUCH a dream! The way that her olive green shirt & their denim pants contrasted against the mustard yellow leaves + blended into the woodsy green trees… was PERFECT. And then later, the more burnt red dress + sweater she changed into perfectly contrasted (& popped!!) against the trees. :)))

A HUGE tip of mine when it comes to picking outfits for your engagement shoot is to pick natural colors, just like Taylor did! Colors like olive green, mustard yellow, burnt red, denim blues, oatmeal tans, etc… they always blend in so naturally with the outdoors & make the photos just FEEL more comfortable & pretty. :)))) 

ALSO howwww adorable is their whittle babe in his little bear outfit?!? And with that smail?!! Ugh, the cutest, most precious angel EVAAAA!! :))))

Congrats on your engagement, Taylor + Nick!
Can’t wait to insta-stalk your beautiful fam grow!! ;))) xoxox

Photog: @tonigphoto
Makeup: @makeupwithkristen
Hair: @Morgan_dose


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