Covid-19 Porch Portraits

January 21, 2021

2020 was a super strange & hard year for everyone… so I decided to set aside a day to drive around to a few of my clients’ houses to take some Covid-19 “porch portraits” to document these weird times!! All I said was that I was going to stay 6 feet apart + they could bring out anything they wanted to represent what they’ve been doing while they’ve been staying at home for months. :)))

Tiffany + Heather brought out face masks, work on laptops, & wine! Shelby + Ikaika starting drinking beers, riding their bikes, + playing with their pups! Taylor + Nick played on their porch with their sweet angel babe + his monster truck toys (then had a surprise visit from my pup, Harley, in the car)! Randi + Kyle shared wine with their cute little yellow porch set and played with their kitties + puppies!

And of course I saved the best for last… Morgan + Garrett walked their pup, shared some beers, dressed up like Tiger King, + created the best sign of 2020 lol!!

Covid-19 Porch Portraits

Tiffany + Heather

Shelby + Ikaika

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Taylor + Nick

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Randi + Kyle

Morgan + Garrett

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My heart seriously goes out to everyone who had to endure 2020 (aka: all of us!!) & everything that came with it! Sending major prayers + good vibes hoping that 2021+ is better for us all! :))) xoxoxx

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