2018 — A Photo Year In Reflection

December 29, 2018

If India Earl does a Photo Year in Reflection
then, TONI DOES a photo year in reflection lol!!

Below you’ll find a photo from every single shoot I did this year (besides mini sessions because that was an excessive amount… also besides the 4 more that I still need to edit & tomorrow’s sesh, sorry guys lol!!) — Engagements, weddings, proposals, families, fashion, styled shoots, plus all the times I forced my friends in front of my camera while I learned my camera and style (extra special shout out to my sisters, Gianna, & Maison lol!)… 2018 WAS SO FUN + instagram is my freakin FAV for providing a platform that allowed me to connect with sooo so many new amazing friends!!!

Quitting my office management job…

& starting my business in 2018 (even though it was driven from health issues & necessity) was the BEST decision I’ve ever made & I’m SO thankful to each and every one of you who have believed in me & made this dream a reality. Looking back on my growth artistically is a trippppp especially as you scroll further and further down (lol!!) + how I just tried to make each shoot unique to the couple, location, their style/colors… so fun to look back on!!

A few things I learned this year:

– How to start a business, set up my client management software system (HoneyBook), created a process so I don’t double book (happened once… oops lesson learned!), how to market/network through insta, organize/record my taxes and gas log, backup my files, etc.
– How to pose couples in an authentic way that makes them feel comfortable + connect with them in a way that makes their sessions a fun/memorable experience!!
– How to set up my own WordPress website and Pinterest/google business pages (then I set up 4 more for my friends lol!!)
– Then in my personal life… how to sell 2 houses and buy 1.. and how to find/coordinate all of the contractor work.
– How to say “no” to things that no longer serve me or my business (like going out all night & eating taco bell for example… lol!!)
– But my favorite accomplishment BY FAR this year was creating the Fresno Photogs!! I’m sooo very excited for this next year with youuuu friends — to learn, grow, connect with each other, & create some MAGIC!!

My main focus…

going into 2019 (I’m glad you asked lol!!) is to give my brides the BEST possible experience & spoil them with gifts, advice, friendship, & an overall fun/comfortable experience. 

Through this reflecting… I’m also realizing that I’m def not as muchhhh into traveling as I thought I would be in 2019 (with the exception of Morocco, Hawaii, & Mexico yayayyy).. sweet little naive, innocent, baby-in-the-crib Toni thought I’d be traveling internationally allllll the freakin time, but this year I’m waaay too focused on my local brides & community.

Maybe 2020 will be the year for crazy travel (& I’ll live vicariously through my photog friends and their travels in the meantime lol)!! 

In my community…

I aim to be selfless & supportive. Help as many people as humanly possible, without burning myself out. I’m honestly not trying to make a quick buck.. I genuinely want to connect & help others grow for free.

Literally just 8 months ago I didn’t know anything about photography & I grew soooo much further by just reaching out to people who were already doing what I wanted to do & asking the right questions.. so that’s the kind of resource I wanna be for the newbies this year too!! (Which while I’m talking about that… I spend at least an hour every day trying to respond to DMs and emails & it gets super overwhelming so just know that even if it takes me awhile to get back to you… I personally respond to every single one eventually lol)!! 

So manyyyyy…

fun plans coming up for youuuuu friends (both brides + photogs!) — thank you for coming along for the ride and I can’t WAIT to work hard, be kind, & grow with you in 2019!!!

**also tried to add my #1 top played song of 2018 here but that feature isn’t working right now; I’ll add it later lol. Spoiler Alert: it’s Gold Dust (Elgot VIP Remix) by Galantis — you’re all my gold dust!!**


Every single shoot/event was SO fun — and it’s so fun to see the full year’s Photo Year in Reflection! :)))) Idk how I got so lucky with the most beautiful/fun clients ever but you guys make my job literally the best thing in the world!! I’m endlessly grateful for you alllll :))

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  1. erica says:

    loooove to see how much you’ve grown in just one year, toni!! if toni does a year in review, i need to do one too ??

  2. Stephanie Reed says:

    you’re soo cute! it’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown in a year. gives me so much inspiration to review my first year and do the same!

    • tonigphoto says:

      oh my goodness YESSS you’re already muchhhh better than I was at that point lol!! Can’t wait to see how much you grow this year too!! :)):):))) (also check your DMs)!! ;))

  3. Megan Helm says:

    What a perfect way to celebrate your year in review! Amazing to see your growth girlfriend. Keep up the amazing work <3

  4. Madison Thomson says:

    So many good ones! I love your adventurous couples! That Be Amazing one has stuck in my head since you posted in on instagram!

    • tonigphoto says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it!! I saw another photographer shoot there one time and Google searched until I found where it was!! I was like I HAVE to shoot there lol!! xo

  5. Cee says:

    You were definitely a girl on fire in 2018 (#goals) ! What a year you’ve had and so inspiring to read your year in review 🙂 you show that one day I can achieve all of my dreams too!

    • tonigphoto says:

      oh my gosh — you sweet baby angel!! YESSSS!! you most definitely can reach all of your goals/dreams too! I believe in you :)) xo

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