Hawaii Surfer Beach Engagement Photos in Kauai // Sarah + Derek

January 28, 2019

Honestly, it’s hard to even put into words how freakiiiin AMAZING it was to shoot these Hawaii Beach Engagement Photos!! :)))))) 

I’m a major believer in making your engagement photos a full day “experience”, rather than just changing clothes after work and smiling in front of a camera for an hour. I truly advise to take the full day slowly, enjoy each other, doing what you love, and when the time finally comes for the photos… you’re able to be your true, relaxed, care-free selves!!

Because let’s face it… if you’re already having a stressful day at work and try to rush to get to a location on time and you forgot the outfit you wanted bla bla bla… the tension will show in your photos — and you don’t wanna look back on your photos feeling stressed!!

My point being…. planning your engagement photos in some place like HAWAII takes this idea to a wholeeeee other level!!

When you force yourself out of your normal day-to-day routine, take a trip some place magical, and experience the awe of a fresh part of the world… it’s soooo so much easier/natural to relax, play, & fall in love all over again!!

Lots of couples definitely get caught up in the hustle and bustle of wedding day planning and forget to take time to slow down and remember why they’re doing it all in the first place…

My advice to solve that problem…

is to plan your engagement photos some place EPIC (like Hawaii lol)!

Make a completely fun trip of it, escape your normal day routine/ wedding day planning, & adventure with your photographer who will gift you with photos that none of your friends will have!!

Photog: @tonigphoto 
Workshop: @wildandunwritten 
Hair/Makeup: @kauaiweddinghair 
Swimsuit: @albionfit
Model: @sarahhbee_


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  1. These are amazing! How fun to have such epic engagement photos! Hawaii looks like a dream location!

  2. These are such epic engagement photos!! Hawaii would be awesome to do some serious adventuring for couples photos!

  3. Esperanza Soto says:

    Just going to live through you & your beautiful travels ? so breathtaking !!

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