Waimea Canyon Elopement in Kauai, Hawai

February 10, 2019

Waimea Canyon Elopement in Kauai, Hawaii

Photographing these two little Hawaiian sparkle babes in Waimea Canyon at sunset with the rest of the Wild and Unwritten gals was the CUTEST, most fun experience evaaaa!! As IF the epic views of the canyon weren’t already enough…

Bixy and Pine did a killllerrrr job at styling the elopement ceremony spot!! With just a few simple touches (pampas grass in the vases, candles, pretty florals, and a cute little table scape)… it’s truly possible to turn a low-cost destination wedding ceremony into an emotional, fun, creative experience to remember (just make sure you have a talented stylist and fun photographer to capture the memories lol)!!

I’m suuuchhhh a sucker for keeping the actual wedding ceremonies small/simple, really just focusing on who you are as a couple, and saving all of thatttt wedding money for starting your life together on the right foot (like a house downpayment… or an EPIC TRIP TO HAWAII lol)!!

Because at the end of the day…

& when it’s all said and done… it’s really just about you two, your experience / the love you feel for each other, and having the photos to remember these moments when life gets craaazzZyy!

I’m so thankful to @kylie_morgan + @peytonrbyford for setting this magic moment up for Sarah and Derek and letting myself (and some of my newest photog-friends!!) be apart of capturing these special moments!!

I hope these photos inspire you to think creatively about your own wedding!! :)) It doesn’t have to be a typical church ceremony w/ a backyard reception… it can be whateverrr you have the courage to dream up! (for example… a Waimea Canyon Elopement adventure on a magic hilltop with epic views and your closest friends/fam)!! xoxo

Photog: @tonigphoto
Workshop: @wildandunwritten 
Hosts: @kylie_morgan + @peytonrbyford
Styling: @bixbyandpine 
Dress: @enblanc_la
Hair/Makeup: @kauaiweddinghair
Florals: @bixbyandpine
Model: @sarahhbee_


**See Sarah & Derek’s Hawaiian Surfer Engagement Photos HERE**




  1. Alex Perez says:

    Oh my!!! These are absolutely gorgeous! The location and styling too are just amazing!

  2. Margaret says:

    Love the colors and the mood in these photos ?? Absolutely stunning !

  3. Maddie says:

    Sooooooo gorgeous!!! This fun elopement style is amazing! Her dress is insane too! Love love love!

  4. Juliana Murray says:

    Like a dream!!!!!! So crazy gorgeous!!!!

  5. Marvin Kinde says:

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