Shikoba Bride // Sisterhood Wedding Dress Collection

September 17, 2020

BIG NEWS!! Shikoba Bride (a British designed wedding dress company) is now sold in AMERICA!! :))) Yayayyyy!! You can finally try on your dreamy boho dress in the States before you buy it! :)))

The new collection (photographed below) is named “Sisters of Bohemia” & symbolizes allll things boho, beautiful, fun, free-flowing, supportive, & encouraging to the beautiful ladies in our lives! And we put together this fun photoshoot to dance around with our friend babes in golden hour + lift each other up! :)))

Photographer: @tonigphoto
Wedding Dresses: @shikobabride
Makeup: @kristennicolemakeup
Hair: @hairbywhitneyy
Florals: @botanique_floral_artistry
Joni Dress Model: @kaelynnleemayfield
Sky Dress Model: @gianna.dinuzzo
Demi Dress Model: @devyn.brand
Orla Dress Model: @loanbui
Patty Dress Model: @marissa_pina

First up… we have @devyn.brand modeling the DEMI dress!! :))) £2,775.00

And in the spirit of “sisterhood”… I’m gonna share a few things about each pretty model!! :))) Starting with Dev… k besides the fact that she’s a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS STUNNER.. she’s also a wine connoisseur & a talented photog herself!! Check out her work here @devynbphoto !! Also she’s hilarious & sweet & perfect & I love her lol!! Can’t wait until we can all get together again for the @fresnophotogs meetings + after parties at Lucy’s Lounge lol! :)))

@kaelynnleemayfield modeling the JONI dress!! :))) £2,295.00

**PS. “Joni” is my alter ego’s name + no joke if I were to get married tomorrow THIS would be my dress. Literally could not be ANY more beautiful UGH!! Obsessed with this white sequin beauty foreverrrr & ever amen!!

So this sweet angel just recently took a step back from her dental hygiene career to pursue her passions of modeling social media (which she’s already freakkinnn KILLING it at)!! It literally feels like yesterday when I met her boyfriend (now husband) at Coachella & he was telling us allll about this sweet perfect angel he was going to marry! Now, they’re married + remodeling their home together with their cute husky pups + she’s just such a ray of sunshine + an inspirational light to this world! :))) If you don’t already follow along with her sweet story… you should!! :)))

View Kaelyn’s boho Millerton Lake engagement photos HERE (wearing a, surprise surprise, Shikoba Bride wedding dress!!) + click HERE for the 2nd time I asked her to dress up in another Shikoba Bride wedding dress for a celestial styled bridal shoot lol!! :)))

@gianna.dinuzzo modeling the SKY dress with the fun tassels in the back!! :))) £2,475.00

My sweet sweet bb angel G! She’s not onlyyy currently going to school for her dental hygiene career (so proud!) but ALSO serving instagram with the CUTEST, most colorful, bright, inspirational, happy food creations on her @nutritiouslydelicious account! :))) She sells the BEST granola in the cutest Fresno coffee shops + has SUCH a gift for bringing friends together over food! :))) AND she’s alsooo my partner in our @gatherandbliss community event group where we bring amazing women together (pre-corona ugh lol!!) to connect & build meaningful connections with each other!! :))

G is the definition of a true, real life angel! And I feel soo so lucky to have her as my friend + also to have her (& her sweet fiancé, Grant) always down for photoshoots with me lol!! Click HERE to go down memory lane of the SEVEN photoshoots we’ve done together while I was still learning my camera settings lol!! ily!!

And moment of appreciation for the MAGIC that is @botanique_floral_artistry & how she always is down to provide beautiful bouquets for my last minute shoot ideas lol!! ILY!!

Check out some of the other fun shoots that Botanique has provided the pretty florals for!! :)))

Yosemite Welcome Sign Elopement // Irene + Eric
Joshua Tree Engagement Photos // Cheryl + Allen
Celestial Wedding Inspiration // Styled Bridal Shoot
Glacier Point Yosemite National Sunrise Bridals
Dawn Til Tusk Yosemite National Park // Lindsay + Nolan
Millerton Lake Elopement Photos // Kaelyn + Jake

@marissa_pina modeling the PATTI dress!! :))) £2,295.00

Sooo this photoshoot was my first time meeting Miss Marissa :))) Sooo I don’t know much about her yet lol BUT soo so thankful for her sweet soul coming out to hang with us + can’t wait to hangout again!! :))))

and my sweet angel friend @loanbui modeling the ORLA dress (wearing a white one piece underneath)!! :))) £2,550.00

Lo is the definition of RAY OF SUNSHINE + PURE HAPPINESS!! She’s also one of the newest and CUTEST nurses (view her cute grad photos we did at the beach HERE)!! Soo so proud of how hard she’s worked to get where she is! And the skyyyy is the freakkinnn limit for this one!! :))) She’s one of those friends that you can always count on to be happy + positive + encouraging + fun + perfect :))) Love you Lo!! :)))

Also moment of appreciation for the makeup artist @kristennicolemakeup who absolutely KILLS it every single time!! She gave the girls such a beautiful golden glow lewwwkkk + even gave them some boho/golden temporary tattoos on their arms to tie them all together as sisters :)))

And another moment of appreciation for the very talented + insanely sweet hair stylist: @hairbywhitneyy :))) She def set the tone for the day of the shoot by letting all of the girls come to her house to give them their whimsical braids + had music playing + snacks + just brings alllll of the good vibes!! :)))

“Toni’s Angels” LOL

Thank youuuu to all of my beautiful ladies who made this shoot such a fun experience!! :))) Last moment of appreciation for @findbeautyeverywhere_ who let us use her pretty property to take the photos + had the cutest snack & champagne set up for the girls!! :))) Such a fun day!! :)))

Already can’t wait to get you alllll together again so we can do Round 2 heehee!! xoxoxx



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